Viewshop Montreal HAS BENTO!!

You read that right, the Viewshop on Saint Catherine Ouest (1972, rue Sainte-Catherine O), across from Provigo, now carries Bento! The first type they carry is a rather large bento (1 tier) for $4.99 in green, blue, yellow, or pink with either a bow on the lid or a clear lid, and a spoon included.I didn’t bring my camera (I doubt they would let me take pictures anyway), so I can’t show you, but they are quite nice, and for the price and size, it is well worth it!

The second type I ended up purchasing. It is a 1200ml bento from Yoo Ee, and came in hot pink, green and blue (I believe..or was it yellow?).  This is a 2 tier, again with a spoon included, and was priced at $12.99. I believe it is more for soups, and I think it is a thermous as well which will keep your hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold, AND it is microwaveable safe! I think it is so cute and so big. I have been waiting for so long for Viewshop to carry bento, so I was so surprised when I saw it them tonight, and for so cheap (compared to the rest of our options as Montrealers).

If you have never visited the Viewshop, I suggest you go as soon as you can. There are sooo many interesting this to look at and everything is so cheap. Great for gifts, beautiful watches for $20, pretty jewelry and makeup, contacts and cases, furniture, stationary stuff, kitchen and dining-ware, clothes that are often on sale, hair stuff….you name it, they have it, and for good prices!

Below you will see a few other pictures I took of the bento I bought, you can click on them to enlarge. Happy hunting!


6 responses to “Viewshop Montreal HAS BENTO!!

  1. Great! I’ll have to drop by, they didn’t have any when i went 3 months ago.

    • J-town didn’t have any?!?! Really??? You went to the SILK store right? They have a huge section of it. Hopefully they will have next time you go! Also, you can check the Viewshop on St.Catherine, downtown across from provigo. They have some need ones for like $4.99 (or was it $6.99) and big thermos ones for 12$. They don’t have all the accessories but cheap bento none the less.

  2. Hey, I thought of your blog when i dropped by Manga T the other day. You would FLIP! Of all the places mentioned, they have the biggest in-store selection of bento in Montreal. They even have some bento accessories!

    I warn you, it’s not cheap, but the prices are comparable to what you would pay for the same model on a online shop plus shipping. Boxes range from 20-38$. They offered me a free tea since i purchased over 35$ worth of goods. I got a 2 tier box, egg molds, little dip cups and an extra elastic band. Granted, i went for the most expensive box in the collection…. i couldn’t resist. Merry Xmas to me!

    About Manga T’s concept: it’s a tea shop with a stunning manga collection. You can either buy the mangas or purchase a tea and read them on site. The owner is very nice, and seems to be more of a manga fan then a corporate business man. Their shop is quite cute.

    PS: i am not affiliated with manga t in any way.

    • ooOOOOoo I am so excited about this!!! Where is this place located???? I want to see all their bento accessories! What a great place to find before Christmas, hahaha, STOCKING STUFFERSSS!! hahaha. When you tell me where it is I will try and go to it and make a post on it. It sounds wonderful.

      Keep me posted!

  3. Here is the website:
    They are at 2011 Saint-Denis, next to PandaBar.

    They actually have the bento’s listed under “Produits”, but they do not list them all, i can guarantee they have many models not shown. It’s a fun shop!

    • I have to go here in the new year. From what you said it sounds amazing, and though I need to tell myself to buy less bento (except the ones that look like people which I see they sell there!!), you can never have enough accessories! haha. thanks for the info!! Happy Holidays!

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