Bento in Dollerama!


It has been a long time since my last post, please excuse me. However, today demands a posting. While going though Dollerama today, I came across BENTO BOXES!! For $2 you could purchase a bento in the shape of the head of a pig or a frog. The bento’s are freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe and BPA free. Too Cute! Image

ImageAnd while you are in there you can pick up some silicone divider cups (either in rectangle or bear shape). They come in green, purple, black and clay colours. There are two in a pack for, I think, 2$ (or less!). They can also be put in the oven for interesting baking, but for cheap bento accessories, they work great.

On another note, an acquaintance of mine went back for a visit in Japan and brought me back some Totoro goodies! A very cute totoro towel, Cat bus Keychain, and a VERY COOL Totoro Daruma!


***UPDATE*** It has been less then a week, and I went to go back to get the frog bento’s for my nephews AND THEY ARE GONE! I checked 3 Dolleramas in a kilometer radius and I can’t find one frog or pig anywhere! So, if you are in at a Dollerama and find one, SCOOP IT UP! They go very quickly!


2 responses to “Bento in Dollerama!

  1. Ooooo which Dollarama did you go to?

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