I’m Back


Hello everyone! Besides bento, there seems to be one big common thread in my posts …they are always far apart!! It has been a YEAR since my last post, and I truly apologize. I honestly got lazy when it came to taking pictures and keeping it up. However, I continue to have lots of views and visitors, and you all deserve updated material!! So, I am going to do my best attempt at providing more frequent postings.

I have found many new things to tell you about, and with my discover of Pinterest this past year, I keep finding new obsessions and inspirations. I am always still trying to find places to buy bento around Montreal (and sometimes Ontario), and have been collecting new stuff along the way.

My next post will be about my complete bento collection and accessories, and where I got everything. I have a new PANDA BENTO, and lots of fun accessories, including some I am still waiting to receive in the mail.

a98abfa03821a7501c30da586cdab35dBefore I give a detailed post about that stuff, I do want to share some amazing blog I’ve come across Pinterest. Now I am a HUGE Studio Ghibli fan (my favorite film is Kiki’s Delivery Service….with My Neighbor Totoro in a tight second), and I came across a blog, who’s author MAKES the food featured in the Ghibli films!!! Check this out: http://www.annathered.com/2010/05/12/ghibli-feast-1-porco-rosso/
She starts with Porco Rosso and does all the films, even Graveyard of Fireflies. I thought this blog was so creative, even if  I wouldn’t eat a herring pie, that I just have to share. All of them looks almost identical to the film.

dsc_0028I am in my mid-twenties and my maternal clock is ringing! I never thought this was true, but for the last year, all I can think about is having a baby. Now the fact that my job requires me to work closely with children and families may have something to do with it, but what ever the case, I have been planning for my future children. Anyways, have you ever seen these Totoro children’s costumes????? CUTEST THING EVER! I have to have one of these at some point. Well this blogger put up a post of different people making these costumes. So cute: http://youandmie.com/tag/totoro/ !! I have also seen them sold on Ebay but the bid starts getting pretty pricey, so maybe it is better to make one yourself, or ask one of your sewing-master friends to help  you out.

Once again, sorry for the disappearance, but please return as I will be very shortly putting up a couple new posts.


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