Okay okay, I know I said the next post would be on my bento collection to this point, but I simply can not wait. Last night I, for the first time, delved into the world of Furoshiki. Now I have seen these fabric wrappings before as carriers for bento boxes, but I never knew anything about it, other than how pretty the fabrics were. So last night, while visiting one of my most inspirational bento website stores: Bento&Co (http://en.bentoandco.com/), I saw some of their furoshiki fabrics and decided to look more into it. Obviously, I went straight to Pinterest, and 3 hours later (mind you I started this at midnight :S ) I am OBSESSED!

e7e46683e3a0be45ae8ea706d0548b86Now for those who don’t know about Furoshiki (although if your reading my blog your probably VERY familiar, and I am just very late coming to it), it is wrapping objects with square fabric (of various sizes).

Popular among wrapping lunches (bento), this technique can really be used to wrap anything from wine bottles, to flowers, to your tablet, or even shaped nicely into a bag. What is so great about it is simply the diversity and range of a simple piece of square fabric. Your sweetly wrapped lunch bag unfolds into your colourful picnic cloth!

Because it is just a square piece of fabric (from cotton to silk and all inbetween), you could go to a fabric store and pick out your favourite patterns (or, if you are like me, head straight to the liquidation section for a hidden gem), or even look at second hand stores for a great silk scarf. My head immediately goes to using pagne (African cotton), which is always has beautiful colours and patterns, and I already have a huge stock in my closet (that I will hold for another post).

4253a08ec2ca5e9b3e46666cf9caec65 As a beginner in Furoshiki, I suggest these 4 links for quick tutorials on wrapping (if you have others please comment!):
1. http://www.skiptomylou.org/2009/08/19/furoshiki/ (features the book Wrapogami, and includes 8 tutorial videos)
2. http://furoshiki.com/techniques/ (simple diagrams on everything from basic wraps, to bottles, to apparel)
3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC7MH3EzBWM (Youtube video giving a tutorial on 3 types of bags)
4. http://bklynbrideonline.com/14193/diy-projects/you-me-diy-furoshiki-wrapping/ (blog where she shows a basic wrap for a [bento box])

pagneHere is a quick wrap I did with some pagne I was given from my mother-in-law from Côte d’Ivoire. Now, I don’t drink wine, so I had to use what I have lying around, which ended up being Vanilla Coke (which is another obsession of mine –that they have stopped selling in Canada I think, so I had to resort to a visit to the States– and if you haven’t tried it YOU MUST!!! mmMMmm), and a quick attempt at a bento wrap.

Check out the gallery below, including the cutest Totoro furoshiki ($100 on ebay!! :O !!), Kiki’s delivery service prints, and a beautiful circular lucky cat print.



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