Bento Collection and more

Bentos numbered


So as promised, this is a post about my bento collection to date, and where I was able to purchase everything. Above I have numbered my collection (for a photo without markings, refer the the gallery). Please note that for most of these, I have mentioned them in previous posts, so please look to the right side to refer to past posts. The newer ones I will go into more detail today.So lets start!

1. Viewshop: 1972 St catherine, Montreal, Quebec H3H1M4
2. Jtown, store name SILK: 3160 Steeles Ave E, Markham, ON L3R 4G9
3. Banzai: 2120 boulevard Decarie, Montreal, H4A 3J3
4. Jtwon, store name SILK5. Jtwon, store name SILK
6. Dollarama, Alexis Nihon (found in all, in baby section)
7. Dollarama, Alexis Nihon (sold out about a week after arrival)
8. Dollarama, Alexis Nihon (found in all, in baby section)
9. Viewshop
10. Viewshop
11. Viewshop (see below for more detail)
12. Ebay
13. Jtown, store name SILK
14. Dollarama, 1934 Sainte Catherine Ouest (sold in all)
15. Dollarama, 1934 Sainte Catherine Ouest (sold in all)
16. Ebay (see below for more detail)
17. Ebay (see below for more detail)

DSC00001 These are my two favourite bentos I own. The turquoise one (which seems blue in this picture), I got from the Viewshop for $7.99 (they also have it in an orange version and a pink version). Not only is it microwave safe, but I also find it holds the most amount of food for its size (except for the round ones but they are not always easy to pack in a smaller bag for work). DSC09746My Panda is probably my favourite because…well look at him! He is also probably my most useless bento. He has ridiculously little storage, falls apart without the elastic  band, and I have no idea what I will be able to put in there, but I know I wont be able to use him until I have a baby. However he is still so cute to look at. I bought him off of Ebay for $20, had the most horrible Ebay experience ever, but it finally arrived 45 days after my order. Refer to the gallery for an image of the inside containers.


My newest and also most loved item, (THAT I RECEIVED TODAY!!!), are these adorable Kawaii food picks. I bought these off of Ebay for a total of $8.45 and absolutely love them to bits. Not only are their little faces adorable…but look at those little shrimp! And the hotdog octopus is such an iconic food option for bento-ers. I also found thesejapanese-bento-food-pick-10-pcs-for-bento-box-veggie equally cute vegetable picks (lemon, carrot, sweet pea, tomato), and if they only had little kawaii faces they would be perfect! I have to admit that I am loving food picks at the moment and even have a bid on Ebay ending in 5 hours that I am hoping to win.


DSC00008Now I have to talk about the benefit of places like Dollerama to find substitute bento boxes and accessories. I bought this sandwich container which I have used many times. Its a great item when all you want is a sandwich because you don’t need to worry about cramming a full sandwich into a rounded, double tier box. DSC00010I also needed to find something to carry my sauces in (like salad dressing). That was not too big or too small. I had debated these animal containers for a while, but decided they were a pretty good size and very easy to clean. You get two to a package for a dollar. Finally silicone cups are not very cheap still, so when I saw these ones at Dollarama (again, two for a dollar), I had to scoop them up (they also sell them in a bear shape, and ones with feet). These are really helpful when dividing your food items in one tier of a bento box, and are again, very easy to clean.

Finally, if you are visiting my site for the first time and are new to the Bento world, or just want to see some really fun ways to brighten up your bento even more, I suggest you check out this blog post from SMALL POTATOES, She talks about everything bento from the foodsafepens2container, to picks, to food cutters, to even these ingenious food colouring markers. I am still little weary of them because they look so much like sharpies, but they would be so helpful when dressing up your food, Kawaii boiled egg anyone? haha. Anyways, check the blog post out, its very colourful and very inspiring. If you have any questions in regards to anything I posted today (or in any of my blogs), feel free to leave a comment in the comments box below. I am quick to reply and will try to be as helpful as I can.


2 responses to “Bento Collection and more

  1. Hi, I saw you mentioned my online store Lunch-a-Porter on your blog once so wanted to let you know I am opening a new shop in Old Montreal – opening July 20th. Come and visit, mention your blog name and get 15% off your shopping basket! 355 Saint Paul Street West, corner Saint Pierre Street. Hope you’ll come and visit!
    Regards, Nobuko

    • I am SO excited to hear you opened a store in Montreal. I will definitely come visit, and if you permit, I would like to do another post with pictures of the store (I will ask permission when I come in). Thanks for visiting my website, and good luck on your store opening!

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