When I was little I had two loves: toys, and junk to make houses for my toys. I collected the shiny paper from Aero chocolate bars, old yogurt containers, the plastic support that comes in the pizza box…really anything had a use. As a result of my trinket collecting I had come to be known as Mouse, and you can call me Mow.

Today I no longer collect those items, and instead have moved on (obsessed even) to bigger and better things–of great variety. For me, collecting as many pictures and information on my obsessions rather than buying the objects allows me to exhaust the interest without spending the money. Now don’t get me wrong, if these things were inexpensive and accessible I would most likely buy buy buy…but luckily for my wallet this isn’t the case.

It is therefor my hope that anyone who finds this blog due to their search of similar interests will find a great resource of images and information that will allow them to feed their obsessions, or at least gain inspiration.

 Thank you for visiting my trinkets and beads!



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